L-Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that has major benefits for athletes and weight training individuals. Nearly 60% of the body’s amino acid pool is made up of Glutamine. This is crucial for muscle repair and development since Glutamine is capable of converting into other amino acids to make up any potential deficiencies.

Glutamine not only helps improve muscle growth but it also helps restore glycogen which is also needed for enhanced recovery. This keeps the muscles energized. This important amino acid also helps protect muscle so as to not be used as energy in intense training sessions. By taking glutamine before a workout you can keep your blood sugar levels in better balance. This also lets your muscles use the glutamine for energy as needed instead of stripping your muscles of amino acids.

One key factor for the use of Glutamine has to do with improved recovery thanks to growth hormone production. Glutamine, when taken, stimulates the body to increase growth hormone (GH) output. This extra GH in your body improves recovery by speeding up protein synthesis.

It is also important to support the immune system to ward off illnesses. Glutamine is the number one energy source for the immune system. Keeping the immune system fuelled is going to keep you healthier year round.

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